Has. The developer grants VAR a limited and non-exclusive right to use the developer`s trade names, trademarks, titles and logos (the “licensed trademarks”) for advertising, advertising and selling products. Var should not allow the developer to modify or remove tags, tags or distinctive signs affixed to or inside a product`s utility. VAR does not use the developer`s business names or abbreviations (with the exception of a logo or brand or graphic design provided by the developer indicating that VAR is an authorized developer reseller) in the title of the VAR company, or name or in any way, which could create confusion as to the separate and different identities of the developers and the VAR. At the expiry or prior termination of this contract, the licence granted to VAR in the licensed trademarks ends immediately and VAR will cease and immediately impose the use of the licensed trademarks. Var is developing and enhancing existing software and technology products and marketing value-added products to end-users. Var is designated, in accordance with this agreement, as a non-exclusive reseller of the products for sale in the territory, as it appears in Appendix B (“territory”). Var accepts such a date and is committed to serving as resellers of value-added products to end-users, as stated here in this section. This agreement is not exclusively var, and developers reserve the right to sell, license, market and distribute or grant others the right to sell, license, market and distribute value-added products and versions around the world. A var supplier (value added) is a company or company specializing in the resale of products or services, often in the fields of IT and technology, and the addition of functions or services or the development of products or services to resell them as a full value-added package.

As the VAR strives to develop the product or service provided by the manufacturer for marketing, both parties should be informed of how the product is marketed and the percentage of profits that both parties can share, as well as a detailed plan of the sales organization and activities of the product. In addition, the detailed plan may contain several provisions, such as the hiring of experts and technicians by the VAR or the marketing of the product by other companies. This part is considered to be one of the VAR`s obligations to ensure that they take appropriate action to market the product. It is important to ensure that a VAR agreement is in line with commercial objectives and that its provisions are realistic. Since VAR agreements are legally binding, non-compliance with contractual conditions can result not only in early termination of the contract, but also in legal action and fines. 3. Print at least two copies so that both parts keep an original. Create an additional copy for the sales file and keep a master file of these sales agreements.

The value-added product is the subject of the VAR agreement, as it deals with several elements related to its copyrights and licenses. Since value-added product or value-added service is the only reason both parties have entered into this agreement. Therefore, a brief summary of the specific product or service that the VAR wishes to develop or a detailed description of the product as an annex to the agreement. An official license for LESRs by the manufacturer is important to continue developing and adding features to the product to create a value-added product that both parties can benefit from. Since the VAR agreement is an important legal document that represents the obligations, responsibilities and legal rights of both parties, as well as the essential elements necessary to be included in the terms of the agreement which are: this VAR agreement (the “agreement”) is concluded from the date on which the last party will execute this agreement (effective date) of and between Direct IT Corporation. , a Massachusetts company (“Enterprise”) and the added reseller