Enter a negative correction amount by placing a negative sign based on the amount. Until the 2002 cloud version, delivery plans cannot be transferred to the S4HC system by the migration cockpit object – it can only be created on S4HC. Normally, at the time of the first data transmission, the customer uses SAP_COM_0360 and SAP_COM_0444 APIs to migrate data from sales delivery plans. For setting up a correction (LFKO proof type): In the standard system, a quick delivery is automatically created in the background when registering a type of RZ sales document. This should allow for an immediate pickup. If necessary, your system administrator can create a new type of sales document in customizing, in which the ad delivered immediately is disabled. Delivery ads can then be created and processed with a work list. Once the delivery plan is in place, you can manually update the delivered/delivered quantity by creating a correction delivery via the modification mode, i.e., as a general rule, the details of the delivery line are managed in the delivery planning in the sales process. the same can be updated via the API, with the new 2005 version some reviews are updated, is observed below the frequent problems many customers are usually updated in an automotive supplier that updates with the following delivery plans with the following API: Delivery Plan of the Sales Planning Agreement – Reception, Update (B2B) Even if your packages are not up to date like my customer currently, then you check note 909324 – the delivery has not been stored . 1) I would like to know the return process in the case of a delivery plan, how we should proceed. I enter a valid delivery plan number in the VA32 transaction, I click the “JIT DlSch” button, I click “Kord. Delivery,” then a date and quantity. For on-premise systems with two zones specially designed for delivery plans, added to the communication structures VBAPKOM and BVBAPKOM, to allow the transfer of an external cumulative quantity and an external cumulative date.

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