a. Orders. Depending on the customer`s order, placed either directly at Poly or with a poly distributor, the customer has ordered one or more service descriptions available for certain Poly products. To obtain services in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale under a service description, the customer or the customer`s poly-reseller must send an order to Poly for a valid service description on behalf of the customer. Such an order must contain at least the following information for each poly product in the order: (i) the description of the service the customer buys; (ii) the model (and serial number only for renewal of service descriptions) of applicable poly products; (iii) price information; (iv) the location where poly products are installed, as well as a contact name, contact email address and phone number on the site (if any); and (v) the period of service (if any). Poly, or in the case of an order placed to the customer`s poly reseller, the poly-reseller determines the prices and payment terms associated with each service description that the customer buys. All orders are subject to acceptance by Poly, and no obligation, including an order, is required for Poly unless this order is accepted by Poly or, if soon, the services are provided to the customer. Please note that only Poly products on a valid offer valid for the customer`s order are covered by service descriptions in these Terms and Conditions. All optional services for a service description available for additional charges will be billed separately with payment terms, as stated in this service description. d. Spare parts. The spare parts provided according to a service description are either new parts or parts equivalent to new parts when used with the poly product and shipped for ninety (90) days, or the remainder of the initial warranty period, the longest period. Parts that have been removed from poly products for exchange become Poly`s property and must be returned to the local poly service facility within five (5) business days following receipt of the spare part (since this is on the pre-addressed return package provided by Poly), or the full list price of the replaced part is charged to the customer.