Optional life insurance, medical, dental and paraprofessional benefits are part of a package of remuneration negotiated by OPSEU for all final year faculties and their members under the Academic Pay Equity plan, and we strongly recommend that you benefit from these benefits, particularly extended health care whose premiums are paid entirely by the university during the employment contract periods. The benefit levels are the same as for full-time faculties for all insurance plans. If you teach more than 6 hours per week and up to 12 hours per week on a contract basis (in day and/or night programs) for an Ontario College of Applied Arts – Technology (CAAT), you are part of the OPSEU bargaining unit that is covered by the collective agreement for caat-academic faculties in Ontario. Please subscribe to our mailing list (private email address not Humber only) for updates and reminders on topics affecting all Faculties of Humber College. Partial load faculties are assessed in terms of training and experience to determine their starting salary. The job classification plans at the end of the collective agreement define the factors for assessing your qualifications and calculating your first placement. Colleges are required to allow UNION residents to take the first step for partial load staff so that your local resident can check your internship with you. If you have any doubts, please contact us by notice. You can find a PDF version of your current collective agreement here: 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement. In the case of extended health care, the college is required to pay 100% of premiums for all employees, except those with coverage with a spouse. The plan is voluntary only for this group. Our advice is that anyone who enters this group answers the “NO” question “Is your spouse a judge?” should opt for extended health care.

There is a provision called benefit co-ordination, and the only spouses who would have a plan that would erase the value of two benefit coordination plans are judges. A definition of performance coordination can be included in the “Your Benefits” brochure mentioned above.