That`s why, at rent4keeps, we offer flexible prepayment-free leases so that our customers can quickly receive their new products. Our rental plans are based on your circumstances, so you can pay for your product in affordable quantities. The fees you have to pay that are not included in the rents And I moved the day before closing. I still haven`t got my deposit back from the owner. I told her before closing, she can do an inspection after closing ends on April 16 and refund my deposit. The situation has changed and I need to get my deposit back. I even told the owner that I would send pictures of the place. She said she could not repay the deposit without the inspection. I asked them to pay back some of it because I have to buy food for myself and my daughter, because I don`t have any money right now. She said she would only pay the R1000 for my R7500. I can`t live on that. Just yesterday I asked her that I at least needed some of my money, she ignored my Whatsapp. Personally, I think she used my deposit money and didn`t, what are my rights? I need my money.

Even according to my contract, I want my money to earn interest. Please help me. please advise Gooday, as our commercial premises are closed, we are not able to operate. If we are able to pay in good faith part of the monthly rent of the business property during this period until the restrictions are lifted, can the landlord place the deposit for the rest of the rent? Many people will not be able to earn income during the national blockade from March 26 at midnight until midnight on April 16. Why can`t homeowners pay their taxes? Is there a grace for tenants who can`t pay their rent? Has our government done enough to offer a pardon? Tenants have moved of their own choice to stay with their parents before the first lock-in date. At the end of April 2020, the end of the lease was agreed and signed to evacuate the cottage. She left her furniture and was not reappointed at that time. Well, I`m retired and I have new tenants, but I can`t move in. I need that rent. Older, I stay in my house with the new tenants and it`s uncomfortable for me. The eviction law is not a problem, as I said, they decided to stay in another building during the closure.

What are my rights with regard to furniture in my holiday home? I have the same situation as Michelle Maartens, except that my child is at an international university in Durban Westville. She is a first-year student and all classes have been online since March 18, 2020.