In most jurisdictions, non-unionized workers may be dismissed as part of an asset transfer because they are not allowed to find a new job with the buyer. Responsibility for termination obligations related to such terminations generally rests with the seller, although some sales contracts provide for something else. Each Canadian jurisdiction has an employment law providing for the procedure by which a union can be recognized or certified as an exclusive bargaining partner for a group of workers qualified as a bargaining unit. In general, a union must prove that it has the support of the majority of workers in a proposed bargaining unit to be certified. If the union has 35-40% support (depending on the jurisdiction) of the employees of this bargaining unit, a representation vote can be held to determine whether the union can be certified. Finally, in some legal systems, employers may also voluntarily recognize a union as a bargaining partner for a number of their workers. Labour relations in Canada are generally subject to employment contracts subject to labour and labour law, as well as to the common law or, in Quebec, to the Civil Code. Under the Canadian Constitution Act, work and employment are most often a matter of provincial jurisdiction, and each province has its own employment standards and laws. However, the federal government supports a number of sectors such as banking, telecommunications, freight and railways, as well as Aboriginal areas. The work programme negotiates and implements a series of declarations of intent to facilitate cooperation with important partner countries that are not free trading partners in the field of labour. Quebec City Construction Commission. Current agreements by sector, in English.

Free. 5.2 What are the rights of workers that are passed on to a commercial sale? What is the impact of a business sale on collective agreements? Collective agreements generally protect workers from redundancies for no reason. Similarly, non-unionized workers in Quebec, Nova Scotia and the federal sector cannot be laid off for no basic reason if they have several years of service with the same employer. By developing and implementing trade-related labour cooperation agreements and the working chapters of free trade agreements (CFTAAs), Canada intends to address the working dimensions of economic integration and promote respect for fundamental labour principles and rights. Employment contracts must not be written to be valid and may take the form of a letter of offer, a formal contract or even an oral agreement. However, labour law requires that collective agreements be concluded in writing. Some employment standards legislation also requires employers to develop written strategies, such as workplace violence and harassment. Ontario Hospital Association. Local collective agreements online, in alphabetical order by union name.