5.4.10 No other party (including customers) may authorize another party to mix or display Twitter documents with corporate material, data, content or other media received by Twitter as part of a separate agreement or other third-party documents or during advertising campaigns, unless it is expressly approved here or in writing by Twitter. 6.1 Ensure that you comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your products and/or services, including the seeding and marketing of your products and/or services, in all countries where your products and/or services are provided or offered. 10. Representations and guarantees. The company assures and guarantees that: (i) it can end with any legal and entrepreneurial power necessary to conclude this agreement; (ii) has taken all necessary steps to make this agreement a legal, valid and binding obligation; (iii) does not have an agreement or agreement with third parties that jeopardize or jeopardize the performance of its obligations under this agreement; (iv) to obtain and maintain all authorizations, consents, authorizations, authorizations and licenses necessary to carry out its obligations and to grant all rights and licences granted under this agreement, including, but not limited to, all rights it requires to grant Twitter a license to use the company`s material to broadcast advertisements on any advertising inventory accessible or accessible to the Twitter service, or any other service; (v) the company`s service and equipment do not violate, abuse the rights of third parties or infringe other rights; and vi) its activities and performance under this agreement, including the provision of the company`s service, are and will comply with all applicable foreign, federal, governmental and local government and government laws and regulations. The company also assures and guarantees that: (a) it is not aware of any claims, shares, shares, shares or charges relating to the service of the company, corporate equipment or other delivery items related to this agreement or the company`s data security, data use or data protection practices; and b) in the event that, On behalf of a customer, the entity accesses or uses the advertising products (or an aspect) to promotional products (or an aspect of them), the entity is entitled, as an agent, to use, on behalf of such a third party, such corporate documents, to transmit the rights to third-party materials that Twitter may be made available in the company documents and to attach it to the terms of this agreement. 9.1 You accept rebilly of all claims, Losses, liabilities, expenses and expenses, including reasonable legal fees (cumulative “claims”) that may result from third-party actions (judicial, arbitration or otherwise) arising from or related to: (1) the use of the program by your or a third party, Rebilly`s resources, services or technologies through the rights, technologies or services provided by you or others. Your Rebilly compensation agreement implies the obligation to fully defend Rebilly in the event of an offer from Rebilly, regardless of the outcome of an action or proceeding.