Nomis Local Authority Labour Market Profiles The Glasgow labour market profile contains data from different sources and contains information on employment/unemployment, economic inactivity, employment by occupation, qualifications, income by place of residence, unemployment benefits and employment (total/salary employment). Young people who are affected by homelessness are the hardest to reach. This case study examines how Argyll and Bute Council has developed a partnership between activities and a local volunteer agency to overcome barriers to participation. The business agreements in South Lanarkshire are now part of the vocational Aspire development programme. Aspire provides a continuum of support for young people who may not achieve a positive goal. This case study explains how HYPE (Helping Young People Engage), a skills-based project implemented by the West Lothian Council Youth Services, is helping young people re-interest in learning through an activity agreement. Data on activity agreements across Scotland for 2017/18 This study examines the needs of young people to keep them in employment, training or training beyond the duration of their activity agreement. Intergenerational initiatives recognize the importance of building intergenerational relationships and encouraging the positive contribution of young people. This case study highlights two examples: YMCA Grantown on Spey and The Meeting Place in Culloden. The Scottish Government commissioned an evaluation of the Activity Agreement pilots who worked in ten regions of Scotland between May 2009 and March 2011. This study examines young people`s views on activity agreements to better understand how young people furthest from the labour market can be most affected and helped.

Find out how West Dunbartonshire Council helped a young mother rebuild her confidence and reapply for full-time university studies. Here you can read case studies detailing the various success stories and programmes in the region: the Glasgow Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) is an agreement between glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and the Scottish Government, which outlines common priority outcomes for Glasgow and how the GCPP will work to achieve them. Severely harassed at school, Jake was anxious in group situations and had moved away from school without a degree. An activity agreement helped him return to apprenticeship and participate in volunteering. This position paper on socio-educational animation, employment and employability describes the crucial role of the socio-educational animation sector for Scotland`s economic and social renewal according to Covid-19, developing the capacities of young people and providing them with a solid and sustainable basis for building a better future. This SOA is accompanied by a performance management framework that explains how the CPC will track the difference that will be made over time by a series of performance criteria. The framework will consist of a small core of high-level measures on alcohol, youth employment, vulnerable people and target neighbourhoods.